About the Project

The Unexpected Project is a national movement to raise awareness and foster discussion about the increase in maternal death, and near-death in the US. We share the largely untapped voice of women and their families who endure unexpected outcomes, and unthinkable suffering and loss when all they wanted was to have a baby.

The Project’s key components:

  1. UNEXPECTED - a documentary film currently in production. We started filming October 2013, and have conducted over 20 hours of 1:1 interviews with survivors and their families since then.
  2. Survivor Retreats and Forums  One day professional forum (for maternal health care providers and survivors), and retreats (for survivors only). The first was held in San Jose, CA, and our next is July 19, 2014 in Gig Harbor, WA. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring, hosting, attending, or bringing a Retreat or Forum to your community.
  3. Public Awareness Campaign including – public speaking, print media, and social media. If you are an advocate for safe pregnancy in the US, we would love to include your voice. We have an active Facebook group where you can learn the latest. You can also follow our blog here, as well as Anne‘s blog, Jenn’s blog, and our articles in the Huffington Post.
  4. Advocacy – we have supporters who are working change systems and support safer birth outcomes in the US. Our goal is to deliver a message of hope and the importance of honoring that inner voice when something doesn’t feel right, while working collaboratively with experts to have the best possible outcome — a healthy baby with a healthy mother.

The Unexpected Project strives to present accurate, up-to-date information, and a balanced, journalistic perspective on the variety of theories behind the causes, and solutions. We do not endorse any one birthing philosophy. 

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